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Private Classes


Alina Hernandez Kurunta Yoga

About Private Yoga Sessions

All of us at one time or another would love to have a little one-on-one time with our favorite teacher.

  • Perhaps you are ready to take your practice to the next level and feel you just need a little extra help.
  • Perhaps you'd like a some assistance with your alignment or to better understand exactly how a pose should be done.
  • Or get your spouse, mom or best friend started because you know they'd feel more comfortable within a private class.
  • Perhaps you're recovering from an injury, illness or surgery and would prefer some private class time to address your situation individually.
  • Possibly you are pregnant and would like to learn how to modify poses in your yoga class.
  • Want to learn how to do a home practice? I can photograph some of your poses and provide you with written instructions to take home.

Private Yoga at Kent Yoga and Bodyworks

Sessions run 90 minutes and cost $125.00
60 minutes $100.00

Semi-Private at Kent Yoga and Bodyworks

Sessions run 90 minutes. Minimum is 6 people @ $25.00 per person. This allows the opportunity for more attention in an intimate setting.

Private Yoga with Rope Wall at Alina's Home Studio

KURUNTA YOGA Sessions run 90 minutes for $125.00
60 minutes for $100.00

"Kurunta Yoga" means puppet. Describing how the yoga student suspends on the ropes. Practicing yoga this way opens the body, releasing tension in the spine and pelvic area and allows easier access to even the most difficult poses. An effective way to work with the elderly or stiff practitioners. The ropes also help correct scoliosis. People with neck problems can practice headstand with ropes.


  • Spinal traction helps relieve back pain and tension.
  • Excellent for stretching hamstrings, shoulders and chest.
  • Adds speed, lightness, agility, range of motion.
  • Good for improving back bends and concave postures, forward bends, Down Dog, remedial or restorative work.


Home Private Yoga

Alina will come to your house!
1-2 persons
House visits start at $150, depending on your location

Contact JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING for more information.