Alina Hernandez Yoga

Alinayoga | Level 1

Places a strong emphasis on alignment and balance.  The use of various props allows each student to experience the postures completely.  Yoga can be practiced regardless of physical condition, as postures are adapted to meet the physical conditions and needs of each student. A place to start that covers the basic postures, alignment, building strength and increase flexibility.

Alina Yoga Multilevel 1

Classes that reaffirm the basic poses and are gradual transition to Level 1 - 2.

Alina Yoga Multilevel 1-2

Combined classes for students of both levels.


Our most advanced yoga class for those who are strong in standing poses and inversions. We will modify poses for those who can't invert.

Yoga/Walk/Stretch with Alina

This class starts with 45 minutes of yoga. A walk around our beautiful property to exercise the heart. Then back to the studio to stretch. The inspiration for this class was Naturopath Michelle Pouliot who, during her last workshop, taught us a good way to walk to keep the heart healthy and keep our joints safe. On days when the weather does not cooperate, we will do yoga and then strengthen our hearts and joints indoors. Bring sneakers!

Yoga for MEN ONLY

This class is for MEN only. It will be a BEGINNER yoga class. A perfect class for those who are curious about yoga and have been intimated by being in a room full of women. You don’t need to be FLEXIBLE and poses will be supported with props throughout the class as needed. Come and discover why yoga has been so helpful with low back, shoulder, and knee pain. Learn the correct alignment in each pose to support the skeleton of your body.